Officials fall as newly-built bridge collapses during commissioning (video)

A video of a newly-built bridge collapsing under a delegation of officials who were commissioning it has been circulating online and sparking hilarious reactions.

Bridge collapses during commissioning

While the unfortunate but equally cheek-hurting incident occurred is reported to have happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo, many social media users could relate because politicians are fond of taking petty credit for every little amenity they provide for taxpayers whose own money funded it.

The video shows the officials standing on the bridge in readiness to unveil it, while a woman who was part of the delegation holds a pair of scissors to cut the red ribbon tied to either side of the bridge’s rails.

Interestingly, as if the red ribbon was holding the entire bridge hanging in the air, no sooner did the woman cut it than the entire structure caved in, leaving everybody desperately scrambling to get hold of anything to avoid falling into the ditch underneath the bridge.

Soldiers believed to be guarding the officials are seen in the video helping to rescue them, while bystanders scream.

The risky incident has been receiving numerous reactions, but another thing that caught the attention of social media users was the fact that some bystanders quickly went to the rescue of only the woman, while everyone was in a frenzy, fighting for survival.

Well, is it not excusable? Aren’t women said to be one of the vulnerable in society who need to be protected?

What is certain is that if the contractor has not received payment for the construction of the bridge already, then he should just consider all the effort, time and financial investment into the work a bad investment.

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