Paratrooping goes wrong as Nigerian soldiers land on trees and cars (video)

Nigerian soldiers paratrooping in preparation for the country's October 1 Independence Day celebration ended up wrongly landing on cars in a car park, with others hanging on trees.

Paratrooping goes wrong

A dramatic video shows the moment the soldiers were struggling for safety.

One of the soldiers landed on one of the cars in a place believed to be a car park before falling to the ground.

From the way the officer was rolling on the ground, it is obvious that he was hurt due to a wrong landing.

The video has sparked reactions among Nigerians on social media, with some people asking that the video be deleted from the internet to avoid the national embarrassment going international.

Some of the social media users hilariously said the video should be taken off the internet to avoid Ghanaians seeing it due to the never-ending ‘rivalry’ between the two countries.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions to the incident:

@ojieosas4: This has to be deleted ASAP & kept away from the internet. Ghanaians must NOT see this please!

@ojieosas4: Nigerians only get it right while stealing

@slykorn: Let's hide our national disgrace from the internet, pls

@paul_temitope: What a shame. Like they can't land a parachute skillfully

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