Public toilet attendant bathes customer with faeces over 50 pesewas (video)

A public toilet attendant at the Central Region town of Assin Pantoase has been arrested by the police after he bathed a patron of the facility with faeces following a disagreement over GHC 0.50.

Assin Pantoase public toilet

United TV’s reporter, Shadrack Owusu Asante, reports that the victim of the faecal attack, Daniel Agyapong, had patronised the public toilet the previous day. He then gave the facility attendant GHC 1 and was supposed to take GHC 0.50 as a change, but the attendant could not get the change.

They both then agreed that since Agyapong was a regular patron of the public toilet, he should leave so that he would patronise the facility the next day in compensation for the GHC 0.50.

However, when he returned to the facility the next day, Agyapong did not meet the person he had had the gentleman agreement with, instead, Kwabena Osei was the one managing the facility on that fateful day.

After easing himself, Osei demanded payment, but Agyapong tried to explain to him the agreement that he had had with the other attendant, believed to be Osei’s son. But he insisted on taking the GHC 0.50 charge, arguing he was not the one that had the said agreement with Agyapong.

The two gentlemen argued over the GHC 0.50 until a passerby offered to pay the money on behalf of Agyapong to bring an end to the embarrassing argument, which he did.

Interestingly, although the passerby paid Osei, he insisted that Agyapong must still pay, failing which he reached for the faecal matter and smeared it on the face of Agyapong, with some almost entering his mouth. As if that was not heartless enough, Osei went further to smear the faeces on other parts of Agyapong’s body.

The incident escalated, and Agyapong became furious and attempted to mobilise his friends to attack Osei in retaliation, but bystanders intervened to avert chaos.

However, Agyapong managed to rush to the police station nearby to complain, leading to the arrest of Osei.

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