Residents in mad rush to scoop free fuel from somersaulted tanker

Residents of Lepusi in the Nanumba North municipality in the Northern region decided to ignore the risk of losing their lives and chose to jostle for spilt fuel following an accident that saw a fuel tanker somersault.

Fuel tanker involved in accident

According to, the accident occurred in the early hours of Friday, December 2, 2022.


The news website reports that a fuel tanker heading towards Bimbilla hit a police barrier at a place called Lepusi, causing it to somersault and the fuel it was carrying poured onto the road.

The residents reportedly rushed to the scene of the accidents, holding jerricans and other containers to scoop the spilt fuel at the risk of their lives.

The driver of the tanker is reported as saying that he lost control upon reaching the police barrier, adding he didn’t notice it.

“I did not see this coming at all. I saw the barrier late. There was also an oncoming car, so I was confused. I did not know whether to avoid the barrier or the oncoming car. So, in an attempt to escape it, I ran into the barrier,” the traumatized driver told Citi News.

In an earlier report, residents of Spintex in Accra were left in a state of sadness and fear amid wailing following the arrest of a young man for allegedly beheading a lady believed to be his girlfriend.

A video shared by a Twitter influencer, @SIKAOFFICIAL1 shows police officers carrying the body of the yet-to-be-identified deceased which was wrapped as if it was to be conveyed to the mortuary.

“Police have arrested a young man for beheading a middle-aged woman in Spintex, Accra,” the video was captioned.

It is alleged that the equally yet-to-be-identified suspect is a Nigerian who perpetrated the crime at the Batsona stretch of the Spintex road.

The resident of the area in question could not withstand the sight of the deceased’s body when the police officers brought it out of the room where it had been kept. They are seen moving about emotionally amid wailing.


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