When are the kids resuming school? – Parents say teachers are suffering

In the few days that children have been at home after vacation, some parents and guardians say they have had enough of them.

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Basic schools across Ghana have been on vacation since last week, while the Second Circle ones have taken a break for the Easter celebrations.

With parents and guardians having to live with their wards for the period they will not be in school full time, they have to carry an extra burden that teachers have been helping them with while schools were in session.

Interestingly, the few days that the kids have spent at home, some parents and guardians are already feeling the pinch, and have begun to appreciate the magnitude of the load that teachers have been carrying for them.

Some of them have been sharing their experiences on social media, including an increase in food budget, disturbance of peace at home, among other inconveniences.


On Tell It All, a Ghanaian Facebook page, a user, Kofi Amo Yeboah, sparked numerous reactions after he made a post crying about the toll his children’s stay at home has had on his finances.

"Please, when are the kids reopening school," he asked, and lamented: "My 5kg rice is finished in 3 days."

Then, other followers of the page took advantage of the post to share interesting experiences they have had with the children at home and why they can’t wait for their resumption date to be due.

Below are some of the reactions:


Vincent Kwabena Ofori Amanfo: "Open to where?Hw3,go buy de full bag make we finish all b4......we make wild pass."

Sumvela Belladonna: "Not my mum posting my younger siblings to me. Hmm. I'm sick in advance."

Owura Kwadwo Hottish: "Just two weeks of vacation and you are tired. Relax wai, we are pleading with them to bring back covid so we stay home for long. Ya br3 ky3n mo."

Mcmilan Knii Odai: "My mums friend said when she prepares banku, it gets spoilt because her kids don't eat it.

My mum laughed and told her to exchange 2 of her children with me so I will come and stay with her.


If we prepare banku like 13balls, it gets finished the following day.

Eeei my mum has been very good by always making sure there's Banku in the house."

Princess Duba: "Me I'm enjoying their time at home,the shouting is normal, their eating it's still hasn't changed At least I'm not waking up so early to get them ready for school,I'm enjoying my morning beauty sleep wai."

Sis Ephya Nyuimedi: "Open to where? Relax and enjoy their drama small. I hope you people will at least appreciate teachers for the good works they're doing. Imagine a teacher handling 30 of them and it's stress yet you people think it's easy. Enjoy while it last biko."



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