Ghana ranked higher than countries such as France, USA, China, Togo, South Africa, Nigeria and Russia. But trailed countries such as Sierra Leone, Zambia and the United Kingdom.

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The GPI report, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, covers 163 countries and uses 23 indicators across three key domains: Societal Safety and Security, Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict, and Militarization.

The report ranks Ghana and Sierra Leone as the most peaceful countries in Sub-Sahara Africa.

However, the overall score of sub-region has deteroiated again, the report said.

“However, its global position in the GPI—where it is ranked ahead of Russia and Eurasia, South Asia, and MENA— remains unchanged.”

The Central African Republic (CAR)  recorded the largest improvement in the region and the world, as the country continues to emerge from a wave of inter-communal violence.

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The index said the transition of power after the 2016 election improved Ghana’s overall score.

“The smooth transition of power in Ghana that followed the December 2016 presidential and legislative elections is reflected in an improved overall score in the GPI,” it said.

Ghana scored under three in most categories, with the exception of access to weapons, perceptions of criminality, and violent crime and demonstrations.

Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark were ranked as top five most peaceful countries in the world.