Following the mob killing of a woman, Farkhunda in Kabul in March, 4 Afghanistani men have been sentenced to death.

8 men were sentenced to 16 years in prison and 18 others found not guilty in a verdict that took just 4 days to arrive at.

BBC reports that a decision in the case of 19 policemen accused of failing in their duty to prevent the attack is expected on Sunday.

There have been mixed reactions among the Afghan public following the court's decision with some expressing relief that the deceased's family will finally get justice.

But Farkhunda's brother told the BBC that the family were not satisfied with the verdict and that all of the main defendants should be put to death.

Afghan judicial system is widely seen as corrupt and many others have criticised the court's proceedings.

The 28-year-old had been beaten to death, in an incident that led to widespread protests against the treatment of women, after being accused of burning a copy of the Koran.

Reports say Farkhunda had argued with an amulet seller about his practice of peddling charms to women at the well-known Shah-Du-Shamshaira shrine, which is within walking distance of the presidential palace and Kabul's main bazaar.

In the course of the argument Farkhunda was accused of burning the Koran and a crowd overheard and attacked her, beating her to death before her body was driven over by a car, dragged through the streets and then set on fire.

A footage of the attack was recorded by some of the attackers which included a bit that appeared to show a policeman taking part in the attack and pushing Farkhunda onto a roof.