A 17-year-old second-year student of the St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Senior Technical School at Kibi in the Eastern Region has died after his drink was allegedly poisoned on Friday.

The deceased, Boris Commodore is reported to have returned from prep on Friday, November 25, drank some milo and later had gari soakings before complaining of severe stomach pains followed by vomiting blood.

His brother Jeff claims that the deceased had earlier been threatened by a schoolmate over a row.

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He told 3news.com that the family is currently awaiting an autopsy to determine their next course of action.

“He came home  three weeks ago after a fracas with one of his mates in which he received a blow to his eye so he was given permission to come home.

“We have been communicating and everything has been okay but he had earlier complained to our father about the constant frowning by the student he had the fracas with in school.

“My parents had a call from the school that my brother was sick and had to come over so they quickly dressed up and moved to the school.

“Upon arrival they were asked to go to the Kibi Government Hospital and when they got there they asked the nurses and the receptionist if someone had been brought there by the name Boris Commodore who happens to be my late brother and everybody looked surprised.

“The receptionist and the people around them referred them back to the school because the authorities were the best people to explain the whole situation to them."

He said school officials later informed the parents about the boy’s death after they had met with the authorities.

Jeff added that the case had been reported to the police.

The police are, however, awaiting the results of the autopsy before commencing investigations.