6 everyday commodities that have had incessant price increases in Ghana

Ghanaians find it hard not to lament after a visit to the market.

Ga Kenkey

Prices of commodities in Ghana have significantly increased at some market centres across the country, attributed mainly to the hike in fuel prices and the depreciation of the Cedi against major currencies.


From the beginning of the year, Ghanaians have had to pay more for various commodities including water, bread, and kenkey, amongst others.

Below are some commodities that have had significant price increments recently:

  • Fuel prices 

Fuel prices have shot up significantly in the country. The price which was sold at about GH¢10.00 is now being sold at about GH¢18.00.

Meanwhile, the Institute for Energy Security (IES) has projected that fuel prices are expected to go up at the pumps in mid-November.

The reason, the IES said is due to the significant depreciation of the Cedi against the American greenback, and the appreciable increase in Gasoil price on the international fuel market.

  • Bread

One other commodity that has had an incessant increase is bread. Bread prices have shot you significantly within the past few days. Bread sold at GH¢10.00 has shot up to about GH¢20.00 and more.

  • Cooking oil

The prices of oils are still a shock to many Ghanaians. A gallon of oil sold at an average of GH¢500.00 is now about GH¢1000.00 and above.

  • Rice 

Rice is an essential food for Ghanaians, and its rising cost is driving hunger. A 5kg bag of rice last year sold at an average of GH¢40.00 and now sells at about GH¢80.00 and above.

  • Kenkey

The one commodity whose price keeps rising is Kenkey, a staple food in Ghana. The prices of Kenkey have shot up significantly over the year. A ball of Kenkey which was sold at GH¢1 is now sold at GH¢3.00 and above.

  • Water

A commodity that is usually easily accessible in Ghana, water features in every household as a basic necessity across the country. The price of water has shot up significantly recently. Currently, the least price of a bag of sachet water is at about GH¢7.00 and above compared to GH¢3.00 sold previously.


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