Aborted babies, condoms damaging Lavender Hill sewage plants – Engineers lament

Engineers at the Mudor Waste Water Treatment Plant have complained that their machines are being damaged by foreign materials.

Aborted babies, condoms are damaging sewage plants at Lavender Hill

These, they said, include condoms, sanitary pads, remains of aborted babies and other solid waste materials.

According to a report by Joy News, the plant has gained notoriety for containing other solid waste materials despite only being suitable to process liquid waste.

It is currently being operated by Sewerage Systems Ghana Limited (SSGL) at Lavender Hill, near James Town in Accra.


The Head of Processing and Engineering at Sewage Systems Limited, Eric Amofa-Sarkodie, confirmed that aborted babies and condoms are damaging their machines.

“We see aborted babies, we see sanitary pads, condoms, even blankets. All of these things find their way into our plant because people drop them there,” he said, as quoted by Myjoyonline.

Meanwhile, a newly released model of estimates for pregnancies and abortions in the world shows that some 266,000 abortions were done in Ghana within four years.

The Guttmacher Institute, the World Health Organisation and the UN’s Human Reproduction Programme (HRP) released the first-ever model-based estimates of unintended pregnancy and abortion rates for 150 countries, highlighting major disparities in access to sexual and reproductive health care.


The study analyses rates from 2015 to 2019, with the aim of providing deeper insights into access to sexual and reproductive health services in countries of all income levels across the globe.

In Ghana, the unintended pregnancy rate declined 14 per cent between 1990-1994 and 2015-2019, it said during the same period, the abortion rate increased 35 per cent with the share of unintended pregnancies ending in abortion rising from 23 per cent to 36 per cent.

It said pregnancy outcomes in Ghana in 2015-2019 recorded a total of 1.33 million annually with 741,000 being unintended and 266,000 ending in abortion, which is legal only to preserve the pregnant person’s health.


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