Achimota Forest Land: I’m a member of Owoo Family – Nii Lante Vanderpuye

Former Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye has disclosed that his great grandmother was the wife of Nii Owoo, the said owner of the Achimota Forest land.

Achimota Forest Land: Nii Lante Vanderpuye says he's part of Owoo Family

Vanderpuye, who is the MP for the Odododiodio Constituency, therefore, stated that he is a member of the Owoo Family.

The Owoo Family has been in the news in recent days following a statement by the government that some portions of the Achimota Forest land will be returned to them.

The family is said to be the original owners of the Achimota Forest land, before it was acquired by the state some decades ago.

Revealing his links to the family, Vanderpuye said his great grandmother was Naa Kwarley Quartey, who got married to Nii Owoo.

According to him, the couple acquired the land together but were generous enough to give out some portions to the state.

The legislator was, however, quick to add that he personally hasn’t received any part of the land despite having matrilineal ties to the Owoo Family.

“The said land was acquired by Nii Owoo and my great grandmother, Florence Naa Kwarley Quartey Vanderpuye. After leaving Vanderpuye, she (Naa Kwarley) married Nii Owoo. She was quite rich, she owned a lot of lands and she gave a lot of lands out for public good,” he said on Good morning Ghana.

“I grew up to get knowledge (of this history) from my grandfather. So, in the cause of time, I felt that we the matrilineal side, the Vanderpuyes, we have not been treated fairly, so I contacted our cousins the Owoos and said [look the land was acquired by our great grandmother and our great grandfather, it looks like you have taken us out].

“So, instead of litigating we joined forces to petition, in fact, we started from the days of Jerry John Rawlings… he (Rawlings) was so passionate, you know his mother also married into the family… he was so particular about this and he said I went to Achimota School and I will not allow even a quarter of this land to be taken away. He even got mad with the extension of the golf course to eat into part of the forest,” the lawmaker added.


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