The latest Afrobarometer survey has revealed that four in 10 Ghanaians have considered emigrating in search of more favourable economic prospects.

The data has been released at a time the world is expressing anger over reports of the slave trade of migrants in Libya.

The study revealed that a majority would prefer to live outside Africa, with North America and Europe being the most preferred destinations.

Below are the key findings:

1. Four in 10 Ghanaians (41%) say they have considered emigrating, including 20% who say they have given “a lot” of thought to the idea (Figure 1). About three in 10 (29%) say they or someone in their household has gone to live in another country for more than three months during the past three years.

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2. Of those who have considered emigrating, a few (8%) say they are taking concrete steps to emigrate, such as seeking a visa; 28% say they plan to leave within the next year or two but are not yet making concrete preparations, while 63% say they’ve considered emigrating but have not made specific plans yet.3. Among those who have considered emigrating, a majority (53%) would want to move to find work. Others want to escape economic hardship (19%) or find better business prospects (8%) (Figure 2).4. Among potential emigrants, the most popular destination is North America (39%), while 31% prefer living in Europe. Only 11% would want to live in other African countries (Figure 3).

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