All you need to know about Sync!

Sync! Is redefining how business is done in Africa. Organizations will no longer have to use multiple platforms for recruitment, project management, communications, and payment.

Accomplish your goals with Sync

By combining all the tools business owners need on one platform and under one subscription, teams can now complete projects faster, better, and more efficiently.

Users can join Sync! as either partners or as members and use the platform in one of two ways. Partners are business owners and team leaders who serve as project owners and leads, whilst members serve as project workers or executors.

The partners decide how such projects will be managed and carried out from start to finish. Members can participate in a variety of projects based on their interests, qualifications, and skills through the platform.

Partner Subscription Plans

Partners enjoy single subscription, and multiple benefits with access to more add-ons for business teams.

Sync! is currently in beta and as a result, users will enjoy 60 days of free use of the platform once they sign up as either a member or a partner.

Member Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans are affordable for the freelancers searching for relevant projects and teams to join.

Product Features


Our project management feature lets businesses plan and execute work efficiently within remote teams. These businesses can bring their entire projects together on the platform and add their entire team to projects as members, at no additional cost.

The milestones on each project created by Partners are determinant of payment to members for the work done on projects. Each milestone created by the Partner also shows the amount of payment for the job to be done by the member.


With a to-do tool featured inside the product, users are able to organize activities, plan tasks, and schedule their ongoing projects. This feature encourages productivity as users get to be more effective, organize and see their daily schedule to avoid clashing of tasks and lack of prioritization.


We have made collaboration between teams easier and more fun with our communication tool. Team members can share important documents and information safely and securely, all within the Sync! platform.

This means members of a team can work freely from any location and still stay in the loop for all discussions. Teams can also host meetings, trainings, webinars and onboarding sessions with the communication function on Sync!.

Payment Processing

We have partnered with leading and trusted global payment processing solutions such as Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe, and Fluidcoins to guarantee fast, safe and easy payments for all users on Sync!. Users have the option to link their bank accounts or payment card to their account and transfer funds directly to their in-platform wallet.

The funds in the wallet can then be used for all transactions on Sync!. Users, at any time, are free to withdraw funds from their wallet into any bank account they choose.


One of the key features on Sync! is a talent marketplace that contains thousands of vetted African professionals looking for short-term and long-term gigs. Partners have access to this entire database of talent and can filter according to their preferences to view talent that can fulfill their project needs at a particular time.

Sync! and its partners do not get involved in the negotiating of rates. Once an agreed milestone is met, Sync! transfers previously agreed funds from the Partners wallet to the members wallet.

Upcoming Features

Business Loans

For businesses that do not have readily available funds to pay for projects, we are partnering with trustworthy lending institutions to provide short-term business loans at very affordable interest rates. Interested clients can apply for loans right on the platform and once approved by the lending partner of their choice, funds are immediately sent to their wallets.

These funds can be used to pay team members following the completion of a milestone or project, or to make other platform payments like subscription renewal. Borrowed funds can however not be withdrawn from a user’s wallet on Sync! into an external bank or payment account.

Before the expiration of the loan tenure, clients are encouraged to repay back their loans to continue to enjoy this service and at continually better interest rates

What Our Users Enjoy

Business Support

Another arm under Spurt! is Solutions, which is a specialist business advisory company. Partners on Sync! have access to business and operations support from Sync!, which can either be in the format of fundraising support, brand asset support or business operations support.

Access to customers

We are consistently expanding our database of users which represent a mix of tech savvy young professionals and forward-thinking business owners on the continent. This places us in a credible position to share partner information, updates and promotions with this large market.

Discounted Services

For selected partners, we offer discounts on a limited number of user subscriptions. These partners are at liberty to distribute these discounts among their audiences as they please provided the selected users are a fit for the purposes of Sync!.


The parent company of Sync!, Spurt!, regularly host expert workshops for various specialties. These workshops are highly selective with a participation fee attached. Partners of Sync! can receive limited number of spots on any of the workshops to share with their stakeholders.

Learn More

Sync! is designed to make collaboration and project management easier and more affordable. If the article above left you with some questions, visit our website at , read our FAQs here ( ) and watch our youtube video ( ) to get more information about Sync!

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