The Ministry of Health has asked agitating nurses at the

According to the nurses, Dr Eugene Dordoye has been giving out the hospital vehicle to his wife to be supplying bread to her customers, which is her private business.

They further wondered why the hospital’s only generator which is supposed to be used in the night in case there is no power, is used during the day.

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For the nurses at the facility, the Medical Director is running the facility as if it is his home, and has rather turned a deaf ear to their needs.

The nurses on Wednesday hit the streets in protest of his continuous stay in office.

Addressing the media shortly after the demonstration, the Public Relation Officer of the group, Mr. Emmanuel Kojo Ofori said they have already sent several petitions to the Minister of Health, Mr. Kwaku Agyemang Manu and the Mental Health Authority over the conduct of Dr. Dordoye but are yet to get a response.

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Speaking on the matter, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health, Robert Cudjoe urged the nurses to exercise restraint as their issues are being attended to by the relevant authorities.

“There’s an issue and as an institution you’ve petitioned your superior just barely a month and you think they’ve delayed. That’s not fair, because when an issue comes up you don’t just get up and take a decision, you need to form a committee, the committee has to be given terms of reference and they have to go into the matter and also meet to two sides for discussion and take a concrete decision as to what exactly to be done.

"But if you think you don’t want the man to be there again so authorities should just get up and take a decision, it doesn’t work that way. When we do things in this manner then we become a lawless nation. They have to be patient a little bit,” he said.