Ashfoam Ghana is one of Ghana’s most vibrant home furnishing companies, with their branches all over the country.

In a Twitter post, an aggrieved customer said the company blocked her for reporting that a mattress she bought some months ago contained bedbugs.

According to the said customer, the mattress was purchased at their showroom inside the West Hills Mall.

"Ashfoam Ghana, your mattress contains bedbugs and you dare block me? Observing all nights for months killing your bedbugs. Such a good customer service," the customer wrote, accompanied by photos of bedbugs on the edges of the support base of the mattress.

Meanwhile, Ashfoam Ghana later reached out to the customer and offered to help resolve the issue.

Commenting beneath the customer's post, the company said the situation may have been caused by the humidity of the mattress' surrounding area, but offered to help the customer out.

"Please call 0556783080 we will be able to help you out this may be due due to the humidity of the surrounding area. please waiting to hear from you," Ashfoam wrote.