Aspire Skills Hub offers scholarships and STEM support to Ghanaians

From our offices in the United States, Aspire Skills Hub sends delighted congratulations to the winners of the National Science and Math quiz.

Aspire Skills Hub offers scholarships and STEM support to Ghanaians

Kudos! Kudos to the participants who pushed through the battle of the minds and presented a fair and scholarly competition. We are ever grateful to the schools, teachers, organizers, and sponsors, for supporting the platform that promoted excellence in academia among our Ghanaian youth. If the nation continues on this path, we are sure to reap the profound benefits of an intelligent and resourceful population. To secure such a future, these bright stars must be continually elevated in various areas of life and aided to be able to bear more fruit of these early seeds of excellence.

Aspire Skills Hub, a subsidiary of US-based Aspire Business Network, is an expert consultancy when it comes to development in career, skills, and higher education. We are committed to providing all resources necessary to improve the availability, accessibility, and quality of education received by our youth, especially in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Our present world continually delves deeper into this field of academia and innovation. Almost every industry has in recent years, experienced an inevitable change in their principles, theories, and general operations, as a result of discoveries and innovation by the STEM field. To ensure that the promising youth of Ghana do not fall behind, Aspire Skills Hub is determined to provide opportunities that will teach and train them in this progressive field. These services will include but won’t be limited to :

  • Establishing self sustaining educational programs in various schools
  • Direct tutoring and workshops on relevant topics
  • Teaching & encouraging practical application of technology
  • Exchange programs to give diverse experience
  • Financial Sponsorship (Scholarships & Grants)

We invite all interested institutions and individuals to reach out to us so that we can better outline the implementation of these beneficial initiatives. We are open to working with stakeholders of different backgrounds and interests as our personnel are equipped to handle such diversity. Our contact information is provided below.

As a US-based multinational company, we specialize in aiding students to gain access to quality education abroad. We are pleased to offer our Hub’s Premium services to the participants of the NSMQ, who qualified from the semi-final level and upwards, at a cost to us. This means that they will receive prep classes for the SAT and TOEFL exams for free. They will also be aided by our office to gain admission and sponsorship to any school of their choice in the United States of America. An assigned professional and guidance counselor will be with them for each step of the process. We will work with them to ensure free or discounted access to the highly-rated universities in the USA by showing them how to win the positive support of various schools, legal offices, and other relevant stakeholders.

Inasmuch as our firm focuses in the general development of the youth, we are also highly interested in the empowerment of the girl child. Our young girls have not been prioritized enough to allow them to personally make progress. Aspire Skills Hub will change this narrative by working with as many girls' schools in the country to ensure that there are more girls' schools at next year's events.

Aspire Business Network, our parent company, has eleven (11) years of resourceful experience and established relationships that allow us to pave a smooth and rewarding path to success for our clients and students. We hope that our support will open doors of opportunities for participants of the NSMQ, and to all who are willing to work with us, as it has done for hundreds of students in the past.

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