A Magistrate at the Kasoa District Court has said that she is compelled to use a chamber pot when she needs to attend nature’s call at the court.

This is because there is no washroom at the facility.

Felicia Gandezi said this when the Chief Justice visited the court as part of a four-day tour in the Central Region.

The court shares the same facility with the Assembly but has not been provided with a washroom.

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According to Felicia Gandezi, she uses the chamber pot and has to empty the content immediately after in order to avoid an unpleasant smell at the premises.

She said she has had to endure this in her bid to deliver justice.

Even though this is an unpleasant situation, Felicia Gandezi said they have no option than to use the chamber pot.

Reacting to this situation, the Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo said she was surprised.

“I haven’t looked at a chamber pot since my daughter was a baby. This is terrible,” she said.

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Mrs Akuffo who was unaware of the situation until now has promised to put up an edifice fit for purpose for the court.

“We should not have accepted this. We should not be sharing facilities with anybody. Kasoa is a very prosperous Municipality, we are going to have to build a purposely designed [court]. We don’t want this…this is totally unsuitable.”

The Chief Justice further promised to close all courts with buildings that do not meet model designs.

Kasoa Magistrate uses chamber pot; no washroom