According to the Head of Public Affairs at the EC, Sylvia Annor, every Ghanaian of the voting age is entitled to register therefore the Commission won't discriminate against anyone.

Speaking on Accra based Peace FM, she said the patients are not going to be left out and that the EC is yet to decide on how and when it will be done.

"The constitution gives everybody the right to vote and so the commission will make the necessary arrangement for the patients to register; we can’t deprive anybody of registering".

"They will register, but how and when will be put out later," she assured.

Voters register (File photo)
Voters register (File photo)

Despite the opposition to the compilation of the new register by the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the EC maintains it will go ahead with the exercise.

Addressing the NDC's argument that the country does not need a new register, she said: "We’ve gone past this argument . . . the system has to be credible, void of doubts. We have divergent views...we have about 25 political parties but it doesn’t mean one party can dictate to the EC; we need to weigh the options and choose the right one for the country and we believe a new voters’ register is needed at this moment."