Damaged but repaired gas cylinders can kill you; stop buying - Fire Service warns

The Ghana Fire Service is also warning the general public against the purchase and use of old and damaged gas cylinders from the open market, saying it poses a risk.

Damaged gas cylinder

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the service said it has observed that some people collect damaged or old and worn-out LPG cylinders from dumping sites or cheaply buy them and haphazardly repair and sell them on the open market.

“These cylinders are repaired abrasively and adhesively treated, and the ripped metal parts welded together), sprayed and taken to the open market for sale and use by the unsuspecting public,” the service observed.

It cautioned that the act is not only illegal but also poses a danger to the public.

“This act is not only illegal, criminal and dangerous, but poses serious risk of gas leakage from the low resistance points on the cylinder body when filled with Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Such cylinders also stand the risk of rupture which could lead to injuries, loss of life and fire explosion

“The GNFS advises the general public to always look out for the manufacturer details; serial number of the cylinder, weight class, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) number. Test pressure and particularly the date of manufacture on the cylinder body when buying LPG cylinders from the market.

“Purchase of LPG cylinders is to be made from only registered or authorized dealers to ensure safety of lives at homes and work places,” the statement read.

“The general public is hereby cautioned that damaged, old, rusted and expired LPG cylinders constitute hazardous waste and are not to be disposed off as a general waste or discarded in public places or refuse collection points," it added.

The statement further cautioned that all worn-out cylinders are to be taken to outlets of registered gas supply companies, distributors or LPG recycling centers or plants.

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