Government should intervene in America visa waitlist for Ghanaian students - Antwi-Frempong

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of US-based general business consultancy, Aspire Business Network has appealed to the Ghana government to bring the attention of the American government to the recent long waiting time at the USA Embassy in Accra.

Kwame Antwi-Frempong

Speaking to Hello FM’s Afia Pokua on her programme, Egyaso Gyaso, Kwame Antwi-Frempong, bemoaned the various educational opportunities Ghanaian students are losing due to this waitlist.

The CEO has been instrumental in linking prospective students to various scholarship opportunities in schools such as Andrews University, Bethel University, South Dakota among others.

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the U.S. Embassy in various developing countries having long waitlists due to the embassies not operating under optimal conditions.

According to Mr. Antwi-Frempong, the current average time in getting an interview date in Ghana is 850 days.

He lamented, “There are several people with half and full scholarships but due to the long wait list, some are losing these lucrative offers.

A lot of prospective students with a bunch of I-20s have shared their frustrations with me. What they are going through is painful, to say the least. I know it’s not anyone’s fault. But something can be done! We need to do something

"How can we sit and watch people who have worked this hard for scholarships into schools like Princeton, Columbia, Andrews, etc lose the scholarships just because no one could accommodate an interview," he added.

He then cited how the situation in Kenya has improved significantly after the media and the government took progressive steps in mitigating the situation.

He said “I know the American government. They can make a way if their attention is brought to this. You know, I am doing my best. I have been working with my US Congressman's office to try to help the situation. However, I know there is much more that the media and the authorities in Ghana can do for these students”.

Mr. Kwame Antwi-Frempong made all these known on Vim Lady’s show. He was on the show to discuss the various scholarships and work abroad programs his company is working on.

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