A Deputy Minister of Finance,

He said government has resolved the legal challenges around the vehicles and it is ready to dispose it off.

He said, "We have gone to look at the vehicles. There were issues in court relating to those vehicles that in the past made it difficult for not just Customs Service, but the government to proceed to dispose of those vehicles."

The vehicles have been abandoned at the Institute of Local Government Studies at Madina in Accra since 2001.

The Minister also disclosed that, "We are looking to do that before the year closes. All of us feel concerned that the mere presence of those vehicles suggest to taxpayers that their monies will not be put to good use".

Mr Kwarteng said although the vehicles are yet to be cleared by the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, a valuation has been done and the government may go through Customs for them to be auctioned.

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“We feel extremely concerned about it, and it is the reason we are taking steps to ensure that those vehicles are disposed of as soon as possible. The valuation is finished, I’m yet to see the report, but once we know how much the vehicle cost, we may do it through auction or to the extent that those vehicles have not been cleared, so, technically, duties on them have not been paid", he revealed.

"We can come under the Customs Act and also dispose of through auction as overstayed vehicles. The important thing is to dispose of the vehicles and get as much value as we can on the vehicles.”