5 things to do to boost your health

This simple lifestyle habits go a long way to make sure you stay healthy, check on them...

It's important to maintain a healthy body weight

Living an unhealthy lifestyle contributes to a lot of health issues which have long term effects and in some cases death.

It's important to make conscious attempt to watch what the body is being fed (from things you do to what you take in).

Health problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, heart disease, cancer and more didn't appear in a day, they  were bred over time where if attention was paid to it would/could have been contained.

There are so many things to do often to give the body in great shape and they start from these simple everyday lifestyle habits:

1. Exercising daily

It's important to 'work your heart' so it stays strong. Walking, jogging, swimming, brisk walking and more help strengthen the heart.

A few minutes exercise helps the heart greatly.

2. A healthy diet

Its best to avoid food with fats/high cholesterol and salt. Eating junk and fast foods also harm the heart and the body's whole health more than anything.

Eat more of fruits, vegetables, fish and use olive oil in cooking. Eat at least a green apple everyday.

3. Watch your weight

Make sure to watch your body weight as gaining too much weight is unhealthy. Make sure to burn the calories you take and watch your 'Body Mass Index' (BMI)

4. Carry out regular medical/physical exams

Go for periodic checkup to know what's going on in your body. Women can go for breast cancer screening, carry out pap tests for cervical cancer.

Men can also go for routine colo rectal and prostate cancer tests. Check blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar tests and more.

5. Reduce Stress

As much as possible, create a 'Me' time. Spend quality time to tend to yourself and family, eat right, sleep well/get enough rest.


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