If you experience urine leaks these 5 tips work

Loss of bladder control affects women between the ages of eighteen to sixty five and it's surprisingly common! If you have this condition, these lifestyle changes help contain it...

Urine Leaks/loss of bladder control is common amongst women

Urine Leaks/loss of bladder control is common amongst women and it gets embarrassing over time.

The condition reports reveal affects women between ages eighteen (18) through sixty-five (65) and it could get worse it not properly managed.

Loss of bladder control/urine leaks/urinary incontinence can be contained with simple lifestyle changes without having to undergo any form of surgery

These tips work if you have this condition:

1. Kegels

Kegels are known to help tighten the pelvic floor muscle. Try 'squeezing' the pelvic muscle slowly.

A common way to do this is to stop urine flow while at it counting up to 20 before starting the flow, holding each squeeze for 10 seconds.

2. Reduce fluids intake

Drink water when you have to/regularly but don't drink too much to overwork the bladder.

3. Reduce acidic foods in your diet

Foods with high acid content should be reduced. Oranges, apples, lemon and alcohol contain acid known to irritate the bladder. If you have urinary incontinence, reduce intake of these foods.

4. Relax

It's best to relax as this also helps the whole body relax which reports reveal could reduce urinary incontinence.

5. Use tampons

You can use tampons to stay dry especially when involved in energetic activities or moving around a lot.

Tampons slightly lift up the urethra (which is the bladder opening) to support it when you are moving around. Be sure to remove it as soon as you are done with the activity.


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