Here are the 4 Ghanaians who have been charged with treason

The word treason, connotes ultimate disloyalty, traitorous and dishonorable conduct, as well as an affront to decency and the brotherhood of nationality. 

Ghanaians who have been charged with treason

A suspect charged with treason faces death if he/she is found guilty for the offence.

In Section 180 of Ghana's Criminal code "(1) whoever commits treason shall be liable to suffer death...

(b) aids and abets in any manner any person referred to in paragraph (a) of this clause; commits the offence of high treason and shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to suffer death.

Some Ghanaians have been slapped with conspiracy to commit treason in the country., therefore, chronicled 4 Ghanaians who have been charged with treason and offensive conduct conducive to the breach of peace.

NDC's Koku Anyidoho: The former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Koku Anyidoho was charged with treason.

Anyidoho was arrested in dramatic fashion at the International Press Centre where the NDC was planning a demonstration against the government for ratifying the controversial Ghana-US Military Cooperation agreement.

In an interview, Anyidoho had suggested that president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, like his father, will be overthrown in a civil revolt.

"On January 13, 1972, a certain Col. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong led a movement that removed the Progress Party from power. Busia was the Prime Minister and Akufo-Addo’s father was a ceremonial president. Somebody should tell Nana Akufo-Addo that history has a very interesting way of repeating itself. There'll be a civil revolt," Anyidoho said.

He added: "There will be a civilian coup d’état. There will be a social revolution. We [NDC] are starting it on Wednesday. The movement is starting on Wednesday. Nana Addo will have sleepless nights. He will suffer diarrhea. He said he wanted to be president but we will make sure he will be fed up on the seat."

About 16 armed police personnel later besieged the International Press Centre and arrested him.

The police, after investigations dropped all charges.

Kennedy Agyapong: The prosecution of Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong in the past failed to see the light of day. 

He had made similar comments declaring war in Ghana in reaction to attacks on New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters during the biometric registration exercise during the NDC tenure.

The prosecution then failed to prove its case beyond the mere public utterance by the MP.

Kennedy Agyapong was likely to face the ultimate penalty of death if found guilty.

NDC's Ofosu-Ampofo: The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo has been slapped with treason in an alleged audio recording purported to be his voice.

The CID then invited him over some comments he made about the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission and the Chairman of the Peace Council in a tape.

In February this year, a leaked audio purported to be the voice of Ofosu-Ampofo in a meeting with NDC communicators had him and said: "We're going to take [the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission] to the cleaners."

"As for the EC Chair, we must wage a relentless war on this EC Chair. Me, she doesn't want to see my face," Ofosu-Ampofo is alleged to have said.

Ofosu-Ampofo and two other executive members were initially charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, to wit, kidnapping, and the threat of harm.

Western Togoland secessionists: The leaders of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), a group agitating for the secession of the Volta Region from Ghana have been charged with conspiracy to commit treason felony.

They were charged for attempting to declare the Volta Region an independent state.

The group has been demanding the secession of the Volta Region and parts of the Northern, North East and Upper East regions from Ghana to become the Western Togoland state as soon as possible.

They leader, Charles Kormi Kudjordjie, also known as Papavi Hogbedetor, and others were also charged with abetment of unlawful training, unlawful assembly and offensive conduct conducive to the breach of peace.

They are Bisa Akorli, 54, Kofi Dzreke, 39, Thompson Tsigbe, 58, Benjamin Agbadzada, 48, Agbenyega Akudzi, 54, Freemen Blikaku, 36, and Nkpe Tsryiri Kudzo aged 61.

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