Stroke, which was usually the disease which claimed more lives at the facility however came second, killing 163 last year.

Authorities at the Koforidua Government Hospital have revealed that HIV/AIDS killed as many as 167 people at the facility in 2015, as compared to previous years.

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In an interview with the media, the Medical Director at the regional hospital, Dr. Kwame Anim Boamah said other leading causes of deaths recorded were pneumonia ,septicemia, heart disease, Chronic liver cirrhosis, prematurity, kidney diseases, birth asphysia and anaemia.

It was revealed that malaria recorded the highest cause of admission with 1002 cases.

Meanwhile, hypertension recorded 709 cases with 639 abortion cases being recorded.

Government had in 2015, provided equipment and facilities for smooth running of the facility.

Specifically, the main theatre was renovated with theater table and lights, diathemy machines, anesthetic machine and monitors, and surgical instruments.