Mr. Botwe, who has recently recovered from the virus disclosed how dangerous the novel coronavirus is.

Speaking on Accra based Peace FM, the MP for Okere said he observed all the safety protocols yet he got infected.

“I didn't suspect it was COVID...when I was going to UGMC I didn't know I had COVID. To the best of my knowledge I followed all the COVID protocols but the fact that it could happen, we should continue to be extra careful...the precautions we took and this happened; it's surprising," he intimated.

Dan Botwe
Dan Botwe

He has, therefore, urged Ghanaians to cease harbouring with the misconception that the virus is only for 'high-profile people'.

"...if I have been infected after all the precautions I took; we cannot be careful enough. The virus is not for high profile people and we need to get rid of such misconceptions," he urged.