Hussein-Suale, who is a member of Anas' Tiger Eye PI team was shot on his way home at Madina in Accra yesterday.

Reacting to news of the murder, Kissi Agyebeng said Kennedy Agyepong should be invited by the police to assist in investigations for inciting violence against Ahmed last year.

“He invited the world to beat him up and said he will pay for it and now he [Ahmed] has been killed…he has questions to answer,” he said on Joy FM.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot dead on Wednesday Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot dead on Wednesday

Earlier this morning, while eulogizing his late colleague, Anas posted a video of Kennedy Agyepong calling for the 'lynching' of Ahmed and the subsequent display of his picture and home location.

He tweeted: "Sad news, but we shall not be silenced."