Minority charges Attorney General to recoup $2m for Accra Sky Train project

The Minority in Parliament has charged the Attorney-General recoup the $2 million the government spent on the non-existing Sky Train project.

Accra Sky Train Project

The Ranking Member on Roads and Transport Committee for the minority, Governs Kwame Agbodza, said, "For the board and management of GIIF not seeing a business plan that was bankable, proven that there was a feasibility and an appraisal and funding security for the project and yet went ahead and put in $2 million is an act of recklessness.

I think that the recommendation by the Auditor-General that the board and management of GIIF should monitor and find out if they can recoup this $2 million is a slap on the back of the management.”

We are asking the A-G that you have done half of the job; invoke the powers that you have to call for the prosecution of those persons managing the GIIF who took this reckless decision,” he added.

In 2019, the government of Ghana and (Ai) Sky Train Consortium of South Africa signed the much anticipated Accra Sky Train project, which is a fully automated, highly efficient, and extremely cost-effective public mass transit system that will use air propulsion technology to drive lightweight, high passenger volume vehicles.


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo expressed great delight at the signing ceremony about the fact that the project is gradually nearing its consummation stage to see the light of day. although the COVID-19 pandemic posed a stumbling block to the commencement of the Sky Train project, officials of the Railways Development Ministry said it'll still be constructed and the first station for the Accra Sky Train project will be opened in 9 months, that is, August 2020.

However, many months have gone by but the project is yet to be actualized.

Meanwhile, the Auditor-General reproduced concern in the 2021 audit report over the payment of $2 million by the government in 2019 as a premium to acquire shares in the Sky Train Company established in Mauritius.

The shares were for the headway of the Accra Sky Train project which has not been flagged as a net liability.

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