Mistrust in the EC potential grounds for violence in 2024 elections - National Security

The Ministry of National Security has identified a potential source of violence in the next elections in 2024.

Jean Mensa, EC boss

According to it Secretariat, the mistrust of the Electoral Commission by some sections of the populace a potential danger.

It says the National Risk Assessment indicates that mistrust in the electoral process itself is a major driver of this threat and risk of party-political violence.

According to National Security, in spite of previous examples of opposition parties winning elections in the country, the suspicion of collusion between the governing party and the EC to rig elections for the incumbent continues to drive the situation towards dispute and potential violence.

It says, “the emergence of political vigilante groups in the country is, in this regard, a major threat to our national security interests and could substantially disrupt national, social cohesion to the prejudice of the stability of the country.”

It warns that considering the continued evolving nature of these vigilante groups and the impunity with which they tend to carry out their unlawful acts, the menace is likely to escalate if robust measures are not implemented to address the phenomenon.

It calls on the Electoral Commission to identify the sources of public mistrust in its electioneering systems and processes and take necessary action or make recommendations for addressing them.


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