Empanelling a seven-member jury for the trial of the 14 people accused of murdering

The seven-member panel jury after their selection, were sworn-in, and are expected to hear the evidence which will be put before court and pass judgment on the case.

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At its sitting on April 12, 2018, the Accra High Court was able to empanel six out of the seven required jurors following the rejection of eight out of the 14 potential jurors by the accused persons.

In exercise of their rights, four of the accused persons—William Baah, Kwame Tuffour, Joseph Appiah Kubi and Bismark Abanga—objected to the selection of eight out of the 14 potential jurors, leading to the selection of six jurors, which fell short of the required seven.

Baah rejected two female potential jurors, Tuffour two females, Kubi rejected two males and a female, while Abanga rejected a female potential juror.

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The six jurors selected were two females and four males.