Myths associated with University Halls in Ghana

There are a variety of halls of residence available to students in the Universities in Ghana, including mixed-gender and all-male residences.

Katanga and Atlantic Halls

The University of Ghana, the top university in the country has five residence halls, including Limann Hall, as well as Commonwealth Hall, Legon Hall, Akuafo Hall, Volta Hall, and Mensah Sarbah Hall.

Independence Hall, Queens Hall, Republic Hall, University Hall, Africa Hall, and Unity Hall are the residence halls at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi.

The University of Cape Coast houses its students at Oguaa Hall, Atlantic Hall, Casley Hayford (Casford), Valco, Kwame Nkrumah Hall, and Adehye Hall.

Campus or Hall Rivalry has been a recurring problem over the years in almost all major tertiary institutions in Ghana.


It hasn't been too long since Ghanaians heard of the University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Conti) clash which led to injuries, police arrests, and dismissal of students all on the KNUST campus.

Some halls are known to house diligent, and studious students who bring academic distinction and honour to their residences.

Others are known for being the centre of scandal and immoral behaviour. compiles myths associated with halls of residence in Ghana.


A Commonwealth Hall inhabitant is known as a 'VANDAL' which stands for vivacious, affable, neighbourly, dedicated, altruistic, and loyal.

Undoubtedly the most striking element in any university residence hall, the figure of Hermes—the Greek god of fertility and luck—draped in the hall's chosen colour of red contributes to the legend of Vandal City.

Again, the Chief Vandal, the spiritual head of the Vandals, holds the most clout on any Ghanaian university campus.

It is the only male hall on campus. It is also the only hall that upholds customs and traditions.

Vandals are said to be arguably the voices of the entire student body. They pride themselves on leadership qualities and unity, no wonder old vandals are always proud of the hall. You dare not go to the romantic vandal city in red if you are a girl.


Sarbah Hall is the first hall to be named after Dr. Mensah Sarbah. The hall is undoubtedly the best-mixed hall on campus and has won many laurels.

The hall boasts of a traditional outfit known as the "OKPO"(Common Sense Rules). It has affiliations with Katanga hall in KNUST and Casford of UCC. Members of the hall are unofficially known as The Vikings.


The history of University Hall, also known by the nickname 'Katanga' is well known and conjures up shivers in the spines of everybody.

The University Hall, the fourth hall to open at the KNUST, was initially primarily intended for postgraduate and mature students.

The Hall was built to commemorate Kumasi College of Technology's attainment of University status and was named 'University Hall'. It was dedicated by Kwaku Boateng, the Minister of Education, on January 19, 1963.

The hall's distinctive design gave it an advantage over inhabitants who were younger and affiliated with other halls.


Casford has maintained its status as the University of Cape Coast's most feared hall thanks to its enviable status as the only remaining male residence.

Ironically, the Hall is known as 'gentlemen' despite the fact that few people would consider their behaviour to be even remotely gentlemanly.

Casely Hayford Hall is the only male hall at the University of Cape Coast. It was established in 1967 and named after the illustrious sons of Ghana.

Joseph Ephraim Casely Hayford, MBE, was a prominent Fante Gold Coast journalist, editor, author, lawyer, educator, and politician who supported pan-African nationalism.


Current and past residents of the Hall draw their confidence and assertiveness from this great nationalist.

Unity hall is the largest hall and takes the shape of a twin tower. It has an accommodation capacity of over 448 rooms, with the exception of the extra 36 flats.

Unity hall was once an all-male hall but was later converted into a mixed hall.


The Unity Hall is known as 'Continentals' or 'Conti' for short.

Conti boasts of being the only hall to have a radio station on the KNUST campus and is noted to be good in banging and morale.

Akuafo hall is the second hall of residence to be built at the University of Ghana and also the hall of excellence. Individuals, who reside in Akuafo hall, are known as Farmers. Akuafo hall is known for its rich culture and traditions.


The hall's chieftaincy institution symbolizes unity and promotes its rich culture.

Atlantic hall is the best hall at the University of Cape Coast.

Students in the Atlantic hall are popularly known as Mariners. Individuals within this hall address each other as Mariners and the popular response is 'Superisimo' and 'Above the Law'.

Mariners are always proud of their hall and are noted to be the best hall in Ghana in terms of morale.


One dares not enter the marine city with an attire which has red in it. Fridays always look like Christmas to an affiliate of Atlantic hall since it is a day, they met to entertain themselves. Knowledge, initiative, and dynamism are the motto of the hall.

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