The Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service is investigating the circumstances that led to the mysterious death of the Deputy CEO of the National Entrepreneurship Innovative Programme (NEIP).

Reports suggest that Stacy Offie Darko died at the Obenfo Hospital in Accra on Monday, May 21, 2018. However, her body was deposited at the morgue 4 days after her death. No family member was aware of this at the time.

In an interview with Accra-based Joy FM, the mother of the deceased, Nana Akosua Anima (I) said her daughter was not sick. She added that Stacy had only gone to the hospital on Saturday for a medical check-up.

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Nana Akosua Anima (I) added that she was expecting to see Stacy on Monday. She, therefore, started calling her when there was no sign of her coming, but her calls went unanswered. A nurse answered the phone call and asked the mother to come to the hospital since her daughter was in a terrible condition.

When she got to the hospital, a doctor explained to her that her daughter came for a checkup and died while receiving treatment.

They also told her the body has been deposited at the morgue. She asked how they did that since there was no family member available at the time.

The doctor then explained to her that it was difficult depositing the body at the morgue because the attendants wanted a relative to sign the documents.

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She reported the doctor as saying that after failing to secure a place for the deceased at three different places, he then asked one of the cleaners to pretend he was a brother to the deceased so as to get the papers signed.

They were successful this time and deposited the body at the Buduburam morgue.

Nana Akosua Anima (I) said she got suspicious and reported the matter to the police.

She is, therefore, accusing the owner of the Obengfo Hospital of having a hand in the death of her daughter.

The doctor and the cleaner were consequently arrested last Thursday and are helping the police in their investigations.