The 16 year old boy who has contracted Pneumococcal Meningitis in the western region is responding to treatment, the western regional health director Dr. Emmanuel Tenkorang has told

Dr. Tenkorang who said the case in the region was imported from neighboring Ivory Coast is closely monitored at the Essam Government Hospital in Sefwi Essam in the Bia West district of the western region.

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He noted that the 477 health facilities in the region were put on red alert as far back as September last year adding that for this reason enough antibiotics are already in stock throughout the region to deal with any other case which might be recorded.

He is of the view that people must observe safety precautions and desist from causing fear and panic in the region as one case cannot be referred to as an outbreak in the region.

“The western region recorded over 70 cases of Pneumococcal Meningitis last year yet the systems in place already were able to deal with it. We have recorded only one case but people are protracting it causing fear and panic among the populace”. …”The threshold we have set for ourselves before it can be said to be an outbreak is not yet reached in the region and so people must not panic as we have the systems in place to deal with it in the region deal with it”. Dr. Tenkorang explained.

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He insisted that even though there has been an outbreak of the disease as a result of the rising temperatures in 7 regions in the country “it will create fear and panic amongst the people if we are to carry on such checks at places like bus stations and large gatherings as we did for Ebola”.

“People must only ensure that there is proper ventilation at places where many people are found”, he advised.