She took the decision following the increasing number of teenage pregnancies in the community.

Teens these days engage in unprotected sex which leads to unwanted pregnancy and early motherhood.

The Queen mother of Oyoko, Nana Ankomah Serwaah Bonsu II, as a measure of reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy in her community, has imposed a ban on naming and out-dooring ceremonies in the community.

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She said "I have instituted a traditional bye-law that if you are not above 18 and 20 years and you give birth, there will be no outdooring and naming ceremony for you. If you will do so do it in your room. This is part of measures to curb increasing teenage pregnancy in this community. It has helped a lot, Teenage pregnancy is indeed reducing."

She also expressed worry over increasing consumption of alcohol, smoking marijuana, and abuse of tramadol among the youth in the community.