The Police Hospital has denied the alleged case of rape reports being sold at the facility.

Investigations by Accra-based Starr Fm has revealed that doctors at the Police Hospital are prepared to write a report incriminating one of rape offenses for a fee, without any medical checkup of the supposed victim.

But speaking to, the PRO of the Police hospital, Corporal Faustina Nunekpeku said "When a case is referred to the hospital, the doctors are very skeptical about it because they know such cases are for evidential and clarification purposes. So no doctor can cook up a report. We don't do that here. It is not true."

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Meanwhile, the investigations mentioned Dr. Maglene Cabrera Fonseca as on one of the medical officers reported to be engaged in the practice.

But, Corporal Faustina Nunekpeku indicated that the said doctor is Cuban, and has returned to her country after doing voluntary work at the hospital in July.

She however added that "those who are supposed to be called to answer; we will do that."

We are following up to DOVVSU, and then anywhere that we think we will get evidence and prove all this. We want to get to the root of this, because we won't allow anybody to bring the image of the Police hospital into disrepute," Corporal Faustina Nunekpeku added.