According to him, he doesn't want what happened to the late Ahmed Suale to happen to him, following Mr. Agyapong's recent threats.

In his suit, Sammy Gyamfi said the outspoken legislator had threatened to use thugs to cause him harm.

The complaint was filed at the Headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service and signed by B&M Legal Consult.

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NDC Communication Director, Sammy Gyamfi
NDC Communication Director, Sammy Gyamfi

“While speaking in the Twi language on the said programme, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong stated among other things that, if our client does proceed with his advocacy on national issues in a particular manner, he shall in a matter of three seconds organize his thugs to beat and or finish our client mercilessly,” a section of the complaint reads.

It further stated that “our client has come under credible intelligence that show that indeed, Kennedy Agyapong has contracted some thugs to carry out the threats he issued on our client’s life.”

Sammy Gyamfi said he decided to report to the Police, citing the death of investigative journalist Ahmed Suale, who was shot in January 2019 after similar threats from Mr. Agyapong.

“Having regard to recent history and the notorious fact that a prominent investigative journalist by name Ahmed Suale was shot and murdered in cold blood by some unknown criminals following similar threats made on his life by the same Mr. Kennedy Agyapong; our client, as a law-abiding citizen feels compelled to formally write to you and lodge a complaint against the said Mr. Kennedy Agyapong," his lawyers noted.

This will avert a possible repeat of what happened to the late Ahmed Suale when his life was threatened by Mr. Kennedy Agyapong on that very ‘Ekosisen’ platform and other media platforms.”

He, therefore, called on the CID to investigate the MP in accordance with the Criminal Offenses Act of Ghana, 1960 (Act 29.)

“Our client is readily available to provide and/or assist you with any information that may be needed to conduct investigations into the complaint lodged,” the letter of complaint added.