Shame on men, but shame on women more for silence on this so-called liberation – Francisca Kakra Forson writes

I started a #responsiblewomen series about how women’s liberation is not a free ticket for irresponsible femininity and the need to hold women accountable. Could this - holding women accountable - be an attempt to “police” women? A counter-intuitive move?

Francisca Kakra Forson

No! Here’s why.

The “Me Too” movement and all waves of feminism achieved the promotion of and empowerment of the female gender and the creation of a culture of responsible men (towards equality/equity and against misogyny etc).

But we cannot ignore the consequent excesses of a toxic culture of females perceived or not. No one gender can succeed in this society of ours and so all the gender battles must have an ultimate goal of cooperation for society’s development and success. Otherwise, all of it is just futile. It will be hypocritical if women tell themselves and the world the liberation campaign is perfect, needs no fine-tuning and will lead to society’s success and development.

One such excess is the open display of sexually immoral conduct and material by women themselves on public platforms with the justification of liberation. Women’s liberation agenda is being redefined by prostitutes or slay queens in a sex trade largely through social media. These ladies of the night or slay queens are overtly re-socializing the next generations of women that “your vagina is your ticket to success”. They display their nudity on social media as much as they display the wealth indirectly claimed as the reward of their “labour”.


How are these lots the role models of this era? Ask men! By rewarding the social media hypersexualized slay queens/prostitutes gyrating their hips and thighs for a cedi men are aiding in the negative education of girls however young. Shame on men. But shame on women too for our silence or that we condone this so-called liberation.

Shall we get to the point where every girl aspires to be a Kim Kardashian? Are we okaying our daughters to do anything and everything for fame and money? To make and sell their own sex tape, …generally trade sex to make it in life?

Is that a new wave of femininity? Are there no limits to this latest culture of the normalization of pornography and/or hyper-sexualization of women orchestrated by women themselves? …all in the name of women’s liberation? Where do we stop?

How do we demand better men, responsible men and claim absolute freedom for women? Freedom without responsibility? A privilege without accountability?


Author: Francisca Kakra Forson, Lead Strategist at Platinum PR and former Metro TV News Editor.


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