Show your husband more respect after he’s cheated on you – Marriage counsellor to women

Juliana Antwi Asante, a marriage counsellor has advised women to kick against leaving their partners for cheating.

Marriage Counsellor Juliana Antwi Asante

She said any man that confesses to cheating should be given more respect.

Speaking on Class FM in Accra, she said: “If you come to confide in me, as a wife; when you even tell me [you cheated on me], it gives you another level of respect”.

“You, a husband, a man of your own; going out to do this and coming out to tell me? Oh, aren’t you a lovely husband? Aren’t you a darling?” she praised.

In her view, it is pointless for a wife to fight her cheating husband and his side chick because, after the extramarital coitus, the man’s phallus is still intact for the wife to always enjoy at will since it is not plucked away by the other woman.


According to the President of Marriage Scaffold, it is important for women to handle cheating husbands and the circumstances around such situations with wisdom, maturity and tact, instead of fighting.

“So, you go and see your husband even on top of a woman and you go quarrelling? If you bring this to me as a counsellor, I’ll tell you there’s no need to quarrel because, excuse my French, after the sex, the penis is not plucked off; so, why would I fight?” she wondered.

In her view, being calm and mature about the whole situation as a wife, could rather save the situation.


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