American multinational technology company Google is set to open its first African artificial intelligence research centre in Ghana.

A statement from Google announced that the artificial intelligence centre will be opened in Accra later this year.

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When opened, the centre will collaborate with local universities, research centres and policy makers to solve artificial intelligence problems.

"We’re committed to collaborating with local universities and research centers, as well as working with policy makers on the potential uses of AI in Africa," a statement from Google said.

Head of Google, Sundar Pichai said the multinational technology company is "really looking forward" to opening the centre in Ghana’s capital.

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“Excited that we'll be opening a new center in Accra, Ghana - really looking forward to our research teams solving challenges with AI for Africa and beyond,” he wrote on Twitter.

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The Accra office will join similar AI research centres in places like Paris, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco.