Useless Ghana Bar Association: I was taken out of context – Francis Sosu apologises

A private legal practitioner Francis Xavier Sosu has said his recent comments on the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) describing it as "another useless institution" was misconstrued.

Lawyer Francis Sosu

According to the Madia MP, his recent caution to judges in the country has been taken out of context.

During the demonstration organised by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the E-Levy on Thursday, February 10, 2022, Sosu verbally attacked judges in the country.

He suggested that certain judges will be dealt with politically if the government loses power in the 2024 general election.

He said "What it means is that when you become partisan as a judge, remember that your tenure of office as a judge will run with the political party that you favour. Let that be clear because political power is very transient, positions are not possessions, so people will come, people will go."

The comments by the NDC MP did not go down well with the GBA and said it was disappointed in Francis Sosu.

However, the Madina MP in an interview with GhanaWeb, said that his statement has been misconstrued and apologised to the judges.

"I know that a lot was taken out of context as far as those statements are concerned," he said.

He stated that "I am just hoping sleeping dogs would lie so that we can move on. The truth is that those statements were made in good faith, it is unfortunate that it generated that kind of heat is generated and I will say that there are many senior judges that I respect a lot.

"If for whatever reasons someone feels really hurt or disturbed by those statements, I duly apologise and ask that they find space to forgive and let go."

"In law, everybody knows the effect of if in a statement unless you don’t want to do the law but the law is very clear; conditional statement is a conditional statement. If we want to ensure fidelity to rule of law this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Unless somebody wants to take it out of context and use it for politics. And in any event, I was not speaking on a legal platform. I was speaking in my capacity as a Member of Parliament and I was also speaking at a protest where a question was asked in respect by the government using courts to reduce our numbers (a minority in parliament) to pass E-Levy.

"I even started by saying that look if you are a judge then stay out of politics. Because we don't need NDC judges and NDC judges, we don’t NDC police officers and NDC police officers. We need impartial judges whose fidelity will be to the constitution of Ghana, to their conscience, and to their oath of office. That was the context within which this statement was made," he noted.

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