The Wa Polytechnic in the Upper West region was engulfed by chaotic scenes on Monday which culminated in lecturers chasing out the Rector of the school.

This was after the Rector, Professor Marfo Owusu, returned to the school premises despite being suspended.

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His actions angered staff members who ganged up to chase him out of the school premises, as confusion broke out at the polytechnic.

Further reports suggest that both teaching and on-teaching staff also blocked all roads leading to the school’s administration to prevent the Rector from accessing his office.

Speaking in an interview with Accra-based Citi FM, Local President of the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG), Mubashir Bamie, said the Rector had been suspended but he defied the order by showing up at the school’s premises on Monday.

This, he said, irked some lecturers who took exception of his return to work and decided to chase him out.

He further explained that the Rector had no right to return to work since his bid to overturn the suspension in court has not yet been upheld.

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“After his suspension by the Council on Thursday, we never expected him to be in office. He was supposed to wait until the court determines the case, but this morning he came to the administration block. When the workers learnt that he had returned to the school, they decided to chase him out,” the POTAG chairman said.

Meanwhile, the Rector was accused of procuring a vehicle for himself at the cost of over five hundred thousand Ghana cedis without the approval of the Governing Council.

This led to the lecturers of the school calling for a halt to his induction as a result of the financial irregularities he was involved in.

However, the polytechnic’s Governing Council went ahead to induct him into office, despite severe protests from lecturers.

“The Unions are raising red flags against the induction of the Rector. We all know that the induction is an inaugural ceremony for the Rector. He has been in office for one year now. This coming Saturday is the day that Council has scheduled to induct him, but we think it is inappropriate to induct him when there are allegations of financial malfeasance- massive financial fraud against him,” Mr. Mubashir added.

The Rector was, however, later suspended after the Governing Council made a U-turn.