5 foods to avoid when pregnant

Watch those cravings because as much as you want these foods, you shouldn't eat them when you are pregnant

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy comes with a lot of cravings usually food some healthy and most times unhealthy but then there should be a balance of some sort.

So before you consume anything when pregnant be sure to know if it's healthy or not because of the unborn baby.

Since food usually constitutes a huge part of pregnancy, here are foods to avoid/ make sure are well done during pregnancy:

1. Unripe Pawpaw

Avoid eating unripe pawpaw as eating excess unripe pawpaw can result in a miscarriage as well as trigger uterine contractions due to its latex composition.

2. Raw/ half Cooked Eggs

Avoid eating raw eggs or half cooked ones when pregnant. Eating eggs raw holds a risk of salmonella infection, which results in vomiting and diarrhea which also affects the baby’s health.

If you need to eat eggs during pregnancy, make sure they are well cooked.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is known to cause miscarriages, developmental disorders especially during he first timester and can be very harmful to the baby during the final trimester, even when breastfeeding stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

4. Coffee/Caffeine

Reduce caffeine/coffee intake to the barest minimum when pregnant as this increases the risk og low birth weight, miscarriage and dehydration.

5. Raw Fish (Sushi)

Avoid fish high in mercury especially as they interfere with the growing child's brain development and nervous system.

Stay away from raw or undercooked fish as well as shellfish etc.

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