Watch the surreal moment baby dances in mother's belly

This video of baby kicking away in mother's stomach, almost bursting out is the 'awesomest' thing you've ever seen!


An amazing video shows a heavily pregnant woman's baby moving around ( a lot in her belly) and it's the most amazing sight ever!

The unborn baby can be 'seen' moving from one side  of the woman's stomach to the other, moving or dancing around in an almost rhythmic manner it's surreal.

Gently lifting the stomach, pushing or tugging at it like it's about to pop it's an awesome and almost scary sight.

Reports reveal that babies are most active around 9pm and 1am just around when their mother is about to rest or sleep.

Pregnant women start to feel the baby move around from about sixteen weeks (16 weeks).Watch the video above.

What do you think of it surreal or scary?


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