Yahu Blackwell the 1st royal son of Adu Kpono We, returning from the Christiansborg Castle

In 1619, West Africans arrived off the coast of Virginia, where they were "bought" by English colonists in Jamestown.

King Nii Armah Gbejelor the first (Yahu Blackwell) with his Kinsmen

These captive West Africans are often cited as the first enslaved people in the United States. Whilst this was undoubtedly a momentous event for Virginia and a horrific experience for the men and women involved, this view unfortunately oversimplifies and overlooks the long history of slavery and colonialism in the Western Hemisphere.

2024 marks an era of renaissance, as history will be made in the Osu Monarchy.

Yah Nii Armah Blackwell (Yahu Blackwell) is the first royal son of Adu Kpono We, Kinkawe quarters. His direct ancestors are of the royal Osu GaDangme tribes that were taken as slaves by way of Christiansborg Castle (Osu Castle) in Ghana (Trans Atlantic Slave Trade).


Hailing direct lineage from the great GaDangme, Royston Austin Blackwell (Great Great Grandfather) was born into bondage in 1833 in Northumberland County, Virginia. Royston defied the shackles of oppression, escaping to Baltimore during the Union Troop invasion, and enlisting in the Revenue Cutter Service (the early name of the US Coast Guard) during the Civil War.

The Blackwell Slave Holders consisted of three Blackwell brothers who emigrated from England to the Colonies early in the 17th century. They were men of high standing and education, being graduates of Oxford.

In 1908, Edgar Blackwell of Tipirs P.O. and Wicomico Church, Northumberland Co, Virginia, and the oldest Blackwell in that section, confirmed that the first settler was Joseph Blackwell who was sent over by Charles I in 1636 as the "King's Surveyor" and he was given a seal with the Blackwell Coat of Arms on it.

The Blackwells are descendants of old English families found in many parts of England, Scotland, and Wales. They are quite numerous in the counties of Derby, Durham, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Worcester. Blackwell is an old Gloucestershire name, probably derived from the parish of Blackwell in the neighbouring county of Worcester, and there are other Blackwell parishes in Derby near Alfreton and another in Durham near Darlington. Other forms of the name are Blackwill, Blackwall, and Blakewell.

Nii Armah (Yahu Blackwell) ancestors were stripped of their GaDangme tribal names during the slave trade and renamed “BLACKWELL” by the Blackwell family (Slave Holders).


His royal highness; Osu Lumor Yah Nii Armah Blackwell (Yahu Blackwell), bears the stool name “NII ARMAH GBEJELOR THE FIRST.” He is history's first “Osu Noryaa Mantse.”

His coronation is set to take place on Saturday, 4 May 2024, crowned by his absolute royal majesty HRM TeTeeTe Nii Nortey Owuo IV, beginning the reign of the new king at large.

The newly crowned king will oversee the global, social, and political development of the Osu Empire.


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