The Tema General Hospital has clarified issues behind the seizure of a corpse at the Tema Community 9 cemetery over the weekend by some of its mortuary attendants.

Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Adusei Poku explained that the mortuary attendant was compelled to seize the corpse after the family of the deceased failed to pay arrears for services rendered and rather decided to sneak out the corpse.

“I have spoken to the mortuary man; he is a disciplined person; it was a private job which has nothing to do with the hospital,” he told Accra-based Adom FM.

A community burial ground at Tema Community 9 was thrown into disarray after a morgue worker stormed the grounds to retrieve a corpse.

The popular morgue worker, with the Tema General Hospital, decided to seize the dead body over an amount of GH¢40 owed him.

According to some eyewitnesses, the incensed mortuary man in the company of a colleague, while the body was being interred, seized the coffin, opened it, picked out the dressed corpse and started heading back to the mortuary.

This was after the family of the deceased had apparently failed to pay the full amount for the aggrieved worker's service.

Reportedly, while the man was away preparing other bodies for burial, the family snuck in and "stole" the corpse.

With the fear that he would not be able to retrieve his money from the family after the burial, the mortuary attendant decided to take back the corpse.

Family elders in the company of some friends, however, managed to save the situation which paved the way for the deceased to be buried.

Many have since hit hard at the mortuary attendant for taking such an action.

But Dr Adusei Poku maintains that it was within the rights of the mortuary attendant to have acted that way, especially when the deceased family failed to pay him for his services.

He, however, said that the hospital cannot be blamed for what had happened as the agreement reached was between the mortuary attendant and the deceased family.

Dr. Adusei Poku believed that the family of the deceased should have pleaded with the mortuary attendant about their plight and he would have allowed them to bury their relative.

The mortuary attendant has since been asked to write an official report on the matter for immediate steps to be taken.