Arun Futa said such an occurrence, should it happen, will even infuriate Allah the almighty.

This he said, is due to the fact that the NPP government under President Akufo-Addo has done more for the zongo communities since independence.

“God will not forgive the people in the Zongo communities across the country, if they fail to vote massively for the NPP in the 2020 general election, to enable it continue and complete the numerous projects currently on-going in the Zongos,” he stated.

Mr. Futa who was speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Al- Wahda Club of NPP in Kumasi, said the NPP had displayed an overwhelming proof that it was the Party for the Zongos.

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He said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had over the years created the impression that NPP was anti-Zongo, but the level of development the NPP brought to the Zongos, proved the contrary.

“A Party that had not only established a whole ministry to spearhead the development of Zongos, but has gone further to set aside a special fund to help to actualise the Zongo development aspirations, could certainly not be anti-Zongo,” he emphasised.

Minister for Zongo Development, Mustapha Hamid
Minister for Zongo Development, Mustapha Hamid

According to the Nasara Coordinator, the NDC’s years of propaganda had fallen flat in the face of the massive development projects being executed in the Zongos to bridge the developmental gap.

The NDC, he claimed, betrayed the people of Zongo, despite enjoying a lot of support from them, saying that, the Zongos now belonged to the NPP.

“As I speak, about 40 per cent of student nurses benefitting from the restoration of the nurses’ allowance are from the Zongos”, he pointed out.

He said Zongos had no excuse, but to come out in their numbers on December 7, to vote for the NPP to show appreciation for the unprecedented transformation.