Law Professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare, has sent a strong warning to former President

He said nothing has changed from the factors that led to the defeat of Mahama in the 2016 election for him to make a comeback.

He urged Mahama not to on grounds that he has already served the country in various capacities.

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His comments come at the back of Mahama who has declared his intentions to contest the 2020 elections.

Mahama said he has listened to calls from supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for him to lead the party again.

He said he will not disappoint them.

But Prof Stephen Asare, popularly known as Prof Azar in a Facebook post advised Mahama not to contest.

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He wrote "I firmly believe that people should be free to run for any office. However, if ex President John Dramani Mahama asked me for advice on whether to run for office in 2020, I will urge him not to on grounds that he has already served the country in various capacities, including as MP, Minister, VP and President and he should now use his cumulative knowledge and experience to write a book and to serve as a statesman.

"Please note that this is free, unsolicited and non-professional advice that is not binding on the ex President or anyone else. Da Yie!."