A member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) legal team, Chris Ackumey has advised the Convention People’s Party (CPP) to consider joining forces with any of the two leading parties in the country.

According to him, the party is struggling to be recognized and make any meaningful impact in the nation’s political space and therefore, an alliance is the only way forward.

“There is nothing wrong if they seek association with one of the dominant political parties so that they can stay in existence and tailor in their philosophies and policies,” he said during a panel discussion on Accra-based Radio Gold.

He remarked that the party’s quest over the years to “exist on their own, I believe is a very, very big problem and will continue to be a big problem.”

The CPP has given strong indications that they are working assiduously to become a political party to be reckoned with in the nation.

But many political commentators have advised that they should rather join forces with other smaller political parties to form the third largest political party in Ghana.

According to Mr. Ackumey, the CPP is “only existing” adding that “if you look at the records, you will wonder whether this is the CPP of the great founder of this country, Dr.  Kwame Nkrumah.”

“I would have wished that reality will dawn on them that there is a change; very, very, dynamic,” he said.

Mr. Ackumey who was once a member of the CPP wished the party well in all their endeavours “because that is where most of us started from…but we’ve joined the NDC now because it is a better product.”