Mr. Kwame Damoah Agyemang, a former director of the Electoral Commission has indicated that staff of the commission are amongst the least paid workers in Ghana.

According to him, issues of poor working conditions for EC staff must be immediately addressed as the country prepares for the presidential and parliamentary elections in November.

Workers from the EC have announced strike action to protest their low salary levels and poor conditions of service after negotiations resulted in "window dressing of the real problem".

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The statement said conditions of service had been "dilated" and emphasised "low salary levels."

But Mr Agyemang believes that rising through the ranks is almost non-existent within the commission.

In an interview on Starr FM Friday morning, 29 January 2016, Mr. Agyemang said, "What I have been told is that up to now on the Single Spine Salary Structure they don’t know where they belong and they are among the least paid amongst the governance institutions."

"Not that this year being an election year they want to take the country hostage, no, not that, but they have been cheated for far too long...last December was my 11th year after retirement and nobody has been promoted in the senior grade to the chief directorship…so you can see the stagnation," Mr. Agyemang noted.