The Minister of Communications, Omane Boamah has indicated that claims by the New Patriotic Party “is a deliberate fabrication at shifting blame for the horrendous leadership it has had leading to its rapid descent into chaos, violence, lawlessness, brutal killings and total confusion over the last year or so.”

According to him, government did not sponsor the raid at the party’s head office on Monday, November 23, 2015.

Some 11 people were arrested in connection with the ransacking of the NPP office have been granted bail of ten thousand cedis with two sureties and also sign a bond to be of good behavior.

The armed men believed to be wearing military uniforms and using military vehicles reportedly entered the Asylum Down headquarters and ransacked some offices within, allegedly taking away some official documents.

Addressing the media in Accra Friday, Acting National Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay said “The NPP is in no doubt that the attack on our offices was conducted by the State, specifically, using certain rogue elements within the National Security set up”.

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The party has added that the raid is an indictment on Ghana's democracy.

“The red and black attire you see us wearing today depicts the mood of the Party. We are enraged. We are outraged. This is an alarming and dismaying moment for Ghana’s democracy. We see very dark clouds ahead for our democracy,” Freddie Blay added.

“Our findings so far suggest that what happened on Monday was a wickedly orchestrated attempt to tempt this office into a bloodbath and with one aim only to score political points against the country’s largest opposition party as we draw closer to the next general elections. After a careful review of the invasion, evidence and subsequent events till date, the NPP is in no doubt that the attack on our offices was conducted by the state specifically using certain rogue element within the national security set up in full collaboration with some identifiable individuals now bent on destroying the fortunes of the party,” he stated.

But Communications Minister said, “We are aware that the NPP routinely dabbles in anti-government  propaganda of the most undesirable kind, but this latest falsehood against government marks a new low in the party’s resort to outright untruths to pursue its objectives.

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As it is to be expected, they have once again failed to provide a scintilla of evidence to back these.”

The Minister further said the Police are investigating the matter and called on the “NPP to cooperate with the Police in this regard and desist from the ridiculous gambit of blaming others for their woes.”

“Government also urges the leadership of the NPP to end their total abdication of responsibility and take steps to halt the internecine feud that has left the party in shambles.

The persistent bickering, open brawls and violent attacks within the party has the potential to undermine public safety and security,” he added.